Privacy policy

The following information can be stored by Canvas locally on your device, and may be sent to the developer (Steve Penna - as part of crash reporting data for the purposes of debugging problems (also sent as part of the user-inititiated diagnostics reporting tool). Crash reporting data is sent via and stored by Crashlytics ( - see

- Your Canvas screen designs
- Application settings (e.g. selected weather provider, selected gmail labels names, selected google calendar names)
- Debug logging, which may include any content that can be displayed by Canvas on your watch (including coarse location if you are using that weather service option)
- The email address that you select when uploading a screen to the Canvas screen store (if you have uploaded any screens to the Screen Store)

The following information is stored by Stackmob ( - see for the purposes of operating the Canvas Screen Store cloud service. If you choose not to upload any screen to the Screen Store, none of this information will be uploaded/stored:

- The screen design that you choose to upload
- A hash value representing your email address as selected when uploading the screen (your email address is not uploaded to the Screen Store).
- Your display name as entered when uploading a screen to the Screen Store

Additionally, Canvas uses Google Analytics for Mobile ( - see also to provide reporting of anonymised user statistics: tracking number of users, device and operating system types, broad locations, languages, and the frequency of occurrence of specific events (e.g. number of times each screen is viewed, number of times a message to the watch times out).

There is no option to opt-out of the collection of the above data, if you choose to use Canvas for Pebble.

None of the above data will be shared with any third party, with the exception of the specific data stored by the cloud service providers named above on their own servers. No third party will be given access to the relevant accounts with these providers.