Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Canvas 2.1

Has dropped. See changelogs for more detail on exactly what has changed...

  • The preview window in the phone app has been re-written, and should be faster and more accurate!
  • There are some new conditional/maths functions - see the User Guide for more info
  • The screen store interface has been improved (the scrolling!) and has been moved to a new server, as the old one died :/
  • You can now do a backup/restore of all of your screens!
Having the new Preview code on the phone means that a couple of cool features that were previously not possible are... possible. Watch this space!

Also, any of you who are members of the Canvas beta testing community may have noticed that it's getting quite crowded in there! I've now created a new, separate Canvas user group community for any discussions, sharing cool screens, tips/tricks etc - basically anything that is not beta-related!



  1. Amazing app. Totally crucial for pebble. One thing I'd love to see, if I may suggest, is more granularity in font size options. The jumps between sizes like 18 to 24, 24 to 28, and from 30 straight to 42 really limit the flexibility of creating watch faces.

    Thank you so much for this amazing app!

  2. (from comment in FAQs) Here's a question. My temp for weather is never the same as my phone, sometimes it's 5 degrees F or more off. Same for the icon. Seldom matches my phone. I've tried Yahoo and the other one but still a problem. Any suggestions?

    Waiting since 28 May to get a response - any response - off the FAQ page to this. Nada. I like the program but if I can't get accurate data it's of no use. And if I can't get even a response to a question the same applies.

  3. Hi could you add a search to the watchface area

  4. Hi, Steve. Thanks for creating such a useful app for my Pebble. Looking through comments, I was impressed by the number of suggestions that were subsequently implemented. Thanks for your responsiveness.

    I created a screen tonight for the next three birthdays/holidays by using the nifty (Google) calendar filter and limiting by the relevant calendars. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized that the filter is global to all watch faces. Is it possible to change this so that calendar filters are screen-specific? This would allow the user to create different views based on calendar.

    On an unrelated note, do you accept donations? No strings attached. You've created a great program.

    Thanks for your time.

  5. thaks for this great work! what ilike to see: indicators for unread whatsapp and k9-Email. also german names for the days would be fine.
    is there a possibility for donation?
    thanks for the great work!

  6. Hey Steve! I've got an idea. It may already be implemented, but I can't find it.
    I've created a watchface that has the time and date, but in text also has my class schedule and times that the classes end. Is there any chance that we can create a dynamic container that only shows the time for the class that I'm in at the moment, rather than just having the whole schedule on screen at the same time? Thanks!

  7. Hey Steve, many thanks for this app...for me this is a 'first to install' and 'must have' app for any pebble user....it makes my pebble a pebble++

  8. Hey, Steve, please read this comment on the G+ Beta forum: https://plus.google.com/+JanPeterson/posts/FKQJH45Hvy5

  9. Thank you for this awesome app. I get so much more out of my pebble with it.

  10. Just got the S6 Edge in the UK and Canvas won't work. Says a plugin is missing. Was ok on S4 with latest Lillopop release.

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  12. Is this project still alive? There was no update whatsoever in the last year and apparently no reply from the developer to the above posts... too bad: I really like the app!

  13. It was recently updated to support the Pebble Time so it is still, just barely, alive. Hopefully it's an indication that work is continuing. I'd love to see it support colour.

  14. I would really love to see this app support colour. (Pebble Time and PTS) And i don't mind paying for the extra feature.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Could it be the source of the weather data? Canvas supports Yahoo and OpenWeather, but openweathermap.org recently (within the last six months, I guess) changed their API to require service keys. If Canvas doesn't support that, it might have bogus weather info if you are using OpenWeather as the weather source. Try switching to Yahoo and see if that helps.

    Edit the Canvas face you are using, select your weather field, and hit the wrench icon labeled "Weather" (just under the Content selector where you have selected "Weather" as the type of content). When the Weather Settings pop up, check the Provider and make sure it is Yahoo. You can also hit the refresh button there, too, to make sure you have the current data.

    Let us know if that helps. I'm still using Canvas (now with PebbleTime and the 3.8 watch firmware) on my original kickstarter Pebble watch. Nothing else comes close to the configurability and ease of use of Canvas. I wish it would get some more active development again.

    1. Oh, he deleted his comment. :-(

    2. I'm having the problem too with weather pulling...not just for Canvas, but for a lot of other regular pebble weather watch face too. Seems like Yahoo changed their API just like Openweather did and wreck havoc in the community.

      Is there a way to fix it without doing complicated means like using tasker? I see that the Canvas has not been updated lately (granted nothing was broken before and AMAZING!). I just hope Canvas is not dead and will be updated with a fix for weather.

      Side note, it seems like you can get your own personal API key for openweather information pulling...maybe there is a way for an option in Canvas to enter your own API key? Personal key is free as long as you do less 10 pull a minute, or to my knowledge anyway. I'm not a developer, so this might be a much more daunting task that it seems...

  17. I have a new Pebble Time and the watchface I built includes the phone battery status which does not keep up with the phone battery status on my phone. How can I make the phone battery status on my watchface mirror the battery status on my phone?

  18. I lost my watchface changing phones. I can't see my watchface or any others in store. What happened?

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