Canvas 2.x Changelogs

v2.1.2 (11/05/14)
         - Analogue layer time correct
         - Crash downloading from screen store

v2.1.1 (11/05/14)
         - Analogue layer preview
         - Text wrapping/ellipsis/truncation in preview
         - Show/hide in preview
         - Crashes

v2.1.0 (08/05/14)
New features
 - New screen preview with improved font rendering + performance
 - Screen Store download count
 - Link to Screen Store Entry from home screen
 - Dynamic format string maths
 - String conditionals
 - Moved Screen Store to new server
 - Back/restore all screens function
 - Remove references to Beta firmware etc
 - Screen Store scrolling
 - Screen Store performance
 - Fixed dynamic image not updating
 - Lots of crashes

v2.0.14 (29/01/14)
         - Yahoo weather missing values
         - Bundled screens

v2.0.13 beta (28/01/14)
         - Image selection button now visible
         - Changed weather masks for today's description to prevent overlap with other masks

v2.0.12 beta (26/01/14)
         New features
         - Signal strength image
         - Weather values not lost between sessions
         - Crash selecting Phone State in editor
         - Wifi image updates
         - Optimisation of screen preview
         - A few crashes on phone

v2.0.11 beta (24/01/14)
         New features
         - Added network name, state, type, signal strength (GSM/CDMA) to Phone State, and cleaned up Wifi SSID
         - Added WIFI image option
         - Removed support for BETA6
         - Crash on weather update
         - Various phone crashes
         - ActionBar home button now works
         - Weather: don't re-use previous values, and display zero values for some items correctly
         - Weather: fixed issue where values are lost when upgrading Canvas version (fixed for next release after this)

v2.0.10 beta (22/01/14)
         New features
         - Weather: added pressure in inHG, provider, last updated, Yahoo "feels like", status
         - Option to include started calendar events
         - Duplicate screens created when saving new screen
         - Refresh of various GUI items when background changes occur
         - Weather, pressure consistency between providers

v2.0.9 beta (21/01/14)
         - Crash starting app on 4.0/4.1
         - Formatting of day/month now in English on phone
         - Some crashes (phone)

v2.0.8 beta (20/01/14)
         New features
         - Weather: forecast for today - high/low/description
         - Weather: display temperature when 0 degrees f
         - Optimise watch-app memory usage
         - Some crashes
         - Attempt to free memory on watch before failing to load screen

2.0.7 beta (18/01/14)
         New features
         - Display message on watch when no screen selected on phone
         - Removed support for BETA4 and BETA5
         - Ignore transient bluetooth disconnection on watch
         - Watch-app optimisation
         - Show disconnected on loading screen
         - Updated Google Play services
         - Show 100% watch battery
         - Fixed lots of crashes

v2.0.6 beta (08/01/14)
         New features
         - Share Screen Store items via URL
         - All bundled images now vector-based + added new images
         - Increased layer limit to 25
         - Communication protocol improvements
         - Bugs in Screen Store
         - Watchapp crash when out of memory
         - Rotation issues
         - Content not updating
         - Delete Screen Store item
         - Filter out unreadable characters
         - Disable dynamic size options for image layers
         - Report memory errors
         - Loading indocator on home screen
         - Changed permission to COARSE_LOCATION
         - Various crashes
         - Image aspect ratio lock now uses original ratio

v2.0.5 beta (04/01/14)
         New features
         - Screen store
         - Battery/etc not updating
         - Time zone fix
         - Watch-app memory usage
         - Load .pcs files when Canvas already running
         - Crash reporting changed
         - Phone memory optmisation
         - Some crashes in phone app

v2.0.4 beta (26/12/13)
         - General Watch stability
         - Watch memory usage
         - Watch messaging issue
         - Watch crash
         - Don't load .pcs files from newer versions of Canvas
         - Phone crash clicking preview window
         - Phone crash rendering invertor layer
         - Allow longer fomat strings in editor (to allow longer conditionals etc)
         - Phone memory optimisation
         - Update phone battery + WIFI status

v2.0.3 beta (24/12/13)
         - Supports Pebble BETA4 firmware
         - Remove artifacts from preview of inverter layers
         - Hide removed analogue layers in preview
         - Vibrate when button clicked in app pbw
         - Do less regular processing in Android app
         - Remove long-click hints for move/resize buttons
         - Unable to change rejected calendar events filter
         - Looping crash caused by crash reporting
v2.0.2 beta (13/12/13)
         - Supports Pebble BETA3 firmware
         - Added error logging from watch to phone
         - Store dynamic values on watch
         - Update static images on persistent load
         - Crash using old Pebble Android app
v2.0.1 beta (24/11/13)
         - Crash when Beta Pebble Android app not installed
         - Watch crash when connection-based layers used
         - Always show weather temperature
         - Store static text
         - Refresh dynamic values after reconnection
         - Better text change detection
v2.0.0 beta (23/11/13)
         New features
         - Pebble OS v2.0 compatible (firmware 2.0BETA2 and Pebble app 2.0BETA2 required)
         - Connection detection using v2 APIs
         - Watch battery display (under time format)
         - Animated image layers
         - More animation types + variable duration
         - Dynamic layer sizing
         - Hide rejected calendar events
         - Yahoo weather support
         - Fixed location (place name or lat/lon) weather support
         - Analogue watchfaces
         - Invterter layers
         - Option to enlarge pebble preview
         - Tabs in editor window + Copy layer function
         - Ability to overlap the edge of the screen
         - Option to install watch-face or watch-app version of Canvas
         - Switch Canvas screens from watch using watch-app version
         - Wind direction + Beaufort added
         - Calendar hide rejected events + added status/calendar name fields
         - Phone state: ringer mode (with images) + wifi state
         - Calendar not loading events with long look-ahead period set
         - Location failing for weather when network location disabled
         - Improved weather day/night icon detection
         - Protocol improvements
         - Tasker value save crash
         - Disable second ticks on watch when not required (battery saver)
         - .pcs files now load from gmail
         - Time zones will update when phone time zone changes
         - Screen rotation issues: lost changes in editor, and unresponsive buttons
         - Calendar all-day event time
         - Treat a single space as blank for autohide
         - Various crashes

Canvas 2.x Beta testing community (only for those running the latest Pebble 2.x BETA firmware):


  1. how can i download the beta versions?

  2. This seems great,
    But where can we get canvas 2.x?
    I found nothing on the blog nor on the playstore.
    As I use the SDK2 I miss canvas very much...

  3. Looks like you have to join the G+ community at the link above (end of the blog posting... just before the comments). It's a restricted community, so you have to ask to join. I just did... we'll see how long it takes. I'm also going through Canvas withdrawals after putting 2.0 BETA firmware on my Pebble.

  4. Any chance Pebble Canvas could be set with a button (for instance, the "Back" button) with a long-press and to set that long-press for any action I would like?

    I want to have that "Back" button set to open Pebble Tasker so I don't have to look at my watch to navigate to Pebble Tasker and then press the select to start Pebble Tasker.

  5. waiting for dev to approve for joining the beta g plus community...

  6. Hi, it looks like the canvas rss plugin truncates messages to max 2 lines with gothic 14 font, i use it to receive police and fire p2000 alarms which usualy contain address info which now is not displayed because of the truncation, is this something that can be fixed ?

  7. I can't upload screens. Upload button does nothing?

  8. Conditions only work in the "dynamic layer"...
    Eample : {default#1<0#other#101=100#this}
    Is it possible to put conditions in the "countdown" or "Time/Date/Pebble status" or "text" layer ?
    This would translate, or not to display the values 0, etc.

  9. this app not working on pebble classic with version 3.8