Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Canvas 2.1

Has dropped. See changelogs for more detail on exactly what has changed...

  • The preview window in the phone app has been re-written, and should be faster and more accurate!
  • There are some new conditional/maths functions - see the User Guide for more info
  • The screen store interface has been improved (the scrolling!) and has been moved to a new server, as the old one died :/
  • You can now do a backup/restore of all of your screens!
Having the new Preview code on the phone means that a couple of cool features that were previously not possible are... possible. Watch this space!

Also, any of you who are members of the Canvas beta testing community may have noticed that it's getting quite crowded in there! I've now created a new, separate Canvas user group community for any discussions, sharing cool screens, tips/tricks etc - basically anything that is not beta-related!


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Screen Store: down for maintainence

Just a quick heads-up...

You'll still be able to download screens, but uploads have been disabled until further notice, while I migrate to a new server! (A new version of Canvas will be released when this is complete)