Saturday, 3 May 2014

Screen Store: down for maintainence

Just a quick heads-up...

You'll still be able to download screens, but uploads have been disabled until further notice, while I migrate to a new server! (A new version of Canvas will be released when this is complete)


  1. Hi Steve,
    I updated Canvas today and it crashes after a few minutes of work sometimes (if I open it, seems to be working OK at background?) or if I try to open a watchface for editing. I sent the log file from the app.
    I de-installed and re-installed Canvas and watchface but this did not help.
    My phone/tablet is the New Asus Padfone Infinity with Android 4.2.2
    Could you please fix this?

  2. P.S. Also I can't import the watchfaces to Canvas: I sent them to myself as attachment and I choose Canvas to open it. Canvas interface starts after this, but the new watchface does not appear in the list.

  3. PPS. It works in portrait orientation, but I still can't import my watchface - (I tried one two more with the same result...)

    1. Update: sorry for the "noise" :) - import does not work if I try to open the watchface from GMail attachment, but works if opened from microSD card via ES-explorer.

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