Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Canvas v1.4.6

Thanks to all of those who have been beta testing Canvas for the last few weeks; v1.4.6 is now released!

This version brings lots of changes, fixes and improvements. New features:-
 - Tasker integration: Canvas is now available as a Tasker plugin
 - Weather: new icons and other improvements
 - More layers: now a maximum of 12 layers available
 - Vibration option when a layer changes or is hidden/shown, with custom patterns
 - Detect disconnection from phone to show/hide layers
 - More calendar options: event end date/duration, search period
 - Conditional format strings for dynamic text layers
 - Autohide empty layers
 - Watch-app optimisations and communication improvements

Make sure that you install the new watch-app when prompted. If you have any problems installing, please see the FAQ.

For more information about Tasker, conditionals and other new features, see the user guide.

The full changelog:
 - Wrap text correctly in preview
 - Don't resend same screen
 - Crash editing screen
 - Don't display holding image
 - Don't resend images when not needed
 - Added loading screen with time display + disconnected indicator
 - Improved size/position of font rendering on phone preview screen
 - Added new built-in fonts in the latest firmware
 - Lowercase am/pm mask added
 - Dialog theming issues on gingerbread fixed
 - Option to hide dynamic layer if empty
 - Commas and newlines allowed in text fields
 - Watch-app crash
 - Watch-app optimised in a number of ways
 - New weather masks: wind speed, humdity, cloud, pressure, sunrise/sunset times, time since update
 - Conditionals can now use if/elseif/else
 - Always update plugin content on start
 - Remove blank squares from screen previews
 - Custom vibration patterns
 - Watchapp performance improvement
 - Communication improvements with watch
 - Renamed fonts to match Pebble SDK
 - Crash loading screens from different versions of Canvas
 - Add calendar event end date + duration masks
 - Plugin selection
 - Various other crashes
 - Fix static image/weather refresh/resize/flip
 - Tasker integration (set content and change screens)
 - Fix crash loading malformed .pcs file
 - Show/hide layers when connection lost to phone
 - Conditionals in dynamic text layer format strings
 - Add integer format masks for temperature (weather + sensors)
 - Ambient light sensor added for S4
 - Option to change how far in future calendar searches for events + exclude all-day events
 - Vibrate when layer content changes
 - Max number of layers is now 12
 - Plugin interface v2: per-instance parameters and ability to change screens
 - New masks for time layers to show details of selected timezone
 - New weather icons (thanks Zephyris)
 - Fix issue which may have caused battery drain when using a weather image layer
 - Weather settings screen: configure update interval
 - Weather uses last known location if not available
 - Plugins: detects changes when a new version of a plugin is installed