Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Canvas v1.4.6

Thanks to all of those who have been beta testing Canvas for the last few weeks; v1.4.6 is now released!

This version brings lots of changes, fixes and improvements. New features:-
 - Tasker integration: Canvas is now available as a Tasker plugin
 - Weather: new icons and other improvements
 - More layers: now a maximum of 12 layers available
 - Vibration option when a layer changes or is hidden/shown, with custom patterns
 - Detect disconnection from phone to show/hide layers
 - More calendar options: event end date/duration, search period
 - Conditional format strings for dynamic text layers
 - Autohide empty layers
 - Watch-app optimisations and communication improvements

Make sure that you install the new watch-app when prompted. If you have any problems installing, please see the FAQ.

For more information about Tasker, conditionals and other new features, see the user guide.

The full changelog:
 - Wrap text correctly in preview
 - Don't resend same screen
 - Crash editing screen
 - Don't display holding image
 - Don't resend images when not needed
 - Added loading screen with time display + disconnected indicator
 - Improved size/position of font rendering on phone preview screen
 - Added new built-in fonts in the latest firmware
 - Lowercase am/pm mask added
 - Dialog theming issues on gingerbread fixed
 - Option to hide dynamic layer if empty
 - Commas and newlines allowed in text fields
 - Watch-app crash
 - Watch-app optimised in a number of ways
 - New weather masks: wind speed, humdity, cloud, pressure, sunrise/sunset times, time since update
 - Conditionals can now use if/elseif/else
 - Always update plugin content on start
 - Remove blank squares from screen previews
 - Custom vibration patterns
 - Watchapp performance improvement
 - Communication improvements with watch
 - Renamed fonts to match Pebble SDK
 - Crash loading screens from different versions of Canvas
 - Add calendar event end date + duration masks
 - Plugin selection
 - Various other crashes
 - Fix static image/weather refresh/resize/flip
 - Tasker integration (set content and change screens)
 - Fix crash loading malformed .pcs file
 - Show/hide layers when connection lost to phone
 - Conditionals in dynamic text layer format strings
 - Add integer format masks for temperature (weather + sensors)
 - Ambient light sensor added for S4
 - Option to change how far in future calendar searches for events + exclude all-day events
 - Vibrate when layer content changes
 - Max number of layers is now 12
 - Plugin interface v2: per-instance parameters and ability to change screens
 - New masks for time layers to show details of selected timezone
 - New weather icons (thanks Zephyris)
 - Fix issue which may have caused battery drain when using a weather image layer
 - Weather settings screen: configure update interval
 - Weather uses last known location if not available
 - Plugins: detects changes when a new version of a plugin is installed


  1. Canvas upgraded and now appears to be broken on my HTC One. When it tries to install the watchface the progress bar only gets halfway along before saying "Update complete" - but I can see no sign of it being installed on my Pebble. Any ideas?

    1. Try uninstalling all other apps from your Pebble first. The Pebble app seems to have an issue installing "large" watch-apps - see

    2. Ah, that worked Steve, thank you!

  2. Is there a way to backup my screen and recover it after uninstalling/reinstalling Canvas?

    1. Use the 'Share' function from the menu on the edit screen. That saves a .pcs file, which will load back into Canvas.

  3. Loving Canvas, but the latest update seems to be sending my phone (nexus 4) into meltdown. I don't know if it is trying to push updates too often or what, but the device is physically getting hot, only when I'm running canvas on the watch. I'm pulling weather every half hour and polling for missed gmail, Sms and calls.

    Must say that I am loving the app, though. Can't wait to see what comes in the future. Also hoping at some point that you can find a way of bundling fonts into the watch face on the fly. *fingers crossed*

  4. Been using this for awhile and it's great. Only thing missing that I would love to see are little dynamic icons to show if wifi is turned on, if 4g is on, and what the phone ringer is set to silent/vibrate/ringer.

  5. Hi Steve. Is there any chance of adding countdown to a date time set by a tasker variable? Thanks

  6. Will the canvas be available on IOS?

  7. Hi Steve. Love this app. But, I seem to have an issue that nobody else has reported. The time on my watchface gets "stuck" periodically. I'm not positive, but I believe this happens mostly at 10 minute increments. I use a text time, so things will work normally up to, say, "nine ten". Then I'll look down later and notice the watch still says "nine ten" even though it's 9:25. My phone clock says 9:25, and if I switch watchfaces on the pebble, the pebble has the right time; switching back to the canvas face updates the time and it works normally for a while until it gets stuck again.

    Does the watchface need to get time updates from the phone every minute, or does it only need to connect to get the other content? The watch-phone connection is still active (phone reports connected at this time; notifications will come in, etc). My phone is a Samsung galaxy S3 running Cyanogenmod - currently 10.2 (Android 4.3), but I had this issue with 10.0 and 10.1 also (Android 4.2.x). I'll try a numeric time face to see if it's unique to the text formats.

    1. It doesn't need a connection to update. Are those layers animated? I know of one issue where animations can get stuck if they are interrupted by a notification. Other than that, I haven't heard of anything like that!

  8. I do like the new options but I am getting "Pebble Not Connected" errors minutes after Canvas loads. Unloads the watchface at the same time. The Not Connected notice stays on the screen even after I unload Pebble and Canvas from the list of running apps. Resetting Bluetooth and resetting my Pebble needed to clear the error. Nexus S on Android 2.3.4

  9. I do not know if it was the upgrade to 4.3 on my HTC One, but now the Canvas app crashes every time I open it up. I have removed and reinstalled it but it crashes every time.

  10. I love Pebble Canvas! Getting my new phone on Monday. How do I transfer my canvases from my old phone to my new one?

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