Wednesday, 17 July 2013

v1.3.3 Released

Canvas v1.3.3 just hit Google Play - hit that update button!

Mainly bugfixes from last week's release, here's the changelog:-

- Display gmail lable dialogue if not selected yet
- Problem loading images
- Crash loading home screen
- Display time/result of last weather update
- Manual update of weather
- Fix watchapp crash when displaying extended ascii symbols
- Allow more characters to be displayed
- Option to flip image colours
- Crash on certain format strings
- Crash re-ordering layers
- Crash if Pebble app not installed
Quite a few people are having problems uploading the Canvas watch-app to Pebble. The progress bar appears to stop half-way across then says "complete". If this happens to you and you can't get it to upload, please go to the main Pebble app and select 'Contact Support', which will generate some logs which may be of use to the Pebble team in diagnosing the issue. Feel free to copy them to me as well.
Edit: the plugins guide is now back up!


  1. This is fantastic! Though some nicer icons, specifically designed for monochrome screens, would be good. I started out by making some weather icons:

  2. This is my favorite watchface by far. I would love to have the ability to restrict calendar events to those within the next X hours. I don't always have calendar events on a given day and it be nice not to have a calendar event for tomorrow be on my watch.

  3. I'll be looking to integrate some nicer icons from Richard!

    @john I'll add that to the list...

  4. Steve,

    There is a cached version of the plugins page in the cache for google.

  5. Incidently, I ran into the connection problem with canvas. Turns out due to the pebble 1.9.3 connection bug with Android my pebble was not actually connected to my watch.

    Connected it and it updated fine.

  6. )ove it, but I have a couple of issues:
    1 app is just about unusable on a 800x480 screen (Droid 2 Global)
    2 calendar doesn't seem reasonable to work: it prompts to select a calendar but shows no calendars to pick
    3 on my phone, many of the dialogs are show black-on-black (e.g. the about dialog, the plugin dialog)
    4 now playing plug-in doesn't pick up any data.
    5 moving a watchface from my tablet to my phone was difficult as the save location wasn't documented and the share option didn't have Bluetooth.

    1. 1) If I get a chance I'll test that and see if anything can be improved
      2) Calendar API is only available on ICS+
      3) I did see a couple of issues like that on older dialogs, probably newer ones I haven't checked on an older OS.
      4) I haven't tested on an older OS, but I think that the 'Lockscreen Music' API which Canvas uses to pick up music was only introduced in ICS. Other than that, there are endless different music players, and I've only tested it with the ones that I use: Poweramp and stock Jellybean!
      5) You should be able to use email/dropbox/evernote/etc to shared files - whatever is available on your device. Canvas just tells the OS that there is something to share, the OS decides what to do with it (and normally asks the user)

  7. Loved this app!! And I can see so many possibilities ahead. Can't wait for the next updates.
    By the way... I would like to give some ideas for the future. ;-)
    - a batery meter for the pebble (not only the cell)
    - the possibility to change what is written on the time, allowing us to write the time in different languages.
    One more time, congratulations for the excelent app!!

  8. Having the option to change how often it fetches weather updates would be a nice addition. Currently it seems to update every hour I think? I'd like to be able to set that to a shorter interval. Temperature can change quite a bit in an hour where I live.

  9. gmail unread count doesn't seem to work with the recent update of gmail.

  10. It would be nice if there were a way to select watchfaces from the Pebble. Ideally, you'd mark which of the watchfaces known to the app are active, and the button would cycle through until you hit end of list, the you would move on the the non canvas faces. Of course, this assumes the SDK would allow that.

  11. I'm working with a galaxy note 2 and whenever Canvas is my selected watch face it breaks my notifications. The only way I have found to revive notifications is to shut down the pebble watch. Also when shutting down the watch it freezes for about a minute before actually shutting down. Any help would be awesome as I love this app for my watch. I use it to keep track of my daily schedules Thanks!

    1. Does that happen whatever Canvas watchface you use? Or a specific one?

  12. This is a fantastic app! It works great. I was wondering if it might be possible in a future update to add the option to send whether or not the alarm is set/what time it's set for to the watch face. Thank you for the app.

  13. Thanks for such a great app! It makes creating a new watch face so simple!

  14. Hi, two questions:

    1) Is there any way to show the watch battery, rather than phone battery?
    2) Pebble Dialer doesn't seem to work in conjunction with Canvas - my phone vibrates on an incoming call but the screen stays on Canvas and the buttons seem to stop working. Any ideas?

    1. There is no API for the watch battery at the moment. If Pebble add one, I'll add it.

      I haven't used Pebble Dialer. I can't think of a reason why it would interfere...

    2. Ah, I suspected as much re: watch battery - weird omission.

      I got Pebble Dialer working.

      thanks for the response, and a great app!